Throughout the years we’ve had many clients come to us for advice on the upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles appearance. We make all of our services available to our clients to help you with all of your cosmetic needs. There are 100’s of elements that eat and beat up your car every day. Whether it’s a few door dings or scuffs on the wheels, maybe some chips on the hood or in the windshield? Maybe the car has just lost that shine it once had. We can help bring your car back to life! 

Cosmetic Restoration and Detail

All of the elements that our car is up against each day constantly wear on it. Sun, rain, wind, snow, hot, cold, the list goes on. One of the best ways to make sure your cars shine doesn’t blow away with the wind is to have a high quality protectant, professionally applied on a regular basis. Treating your paint, moldings, leather, vinyl, and convertible tops is a must. A car that has been maintained will always have a higher value that the same car that has been left exposed to all of the elements throughout the years.

The inside of a car is just as important as the outside. Proper care for leather, wood, and dash materials is a must. We can help with anything from protective maintenance, to stain removal, or even leather or wood replacements.  

Dent Repair-  

Minor dents, scratches, or chips happen all the time. Leaving the grocery store or work, you may see new little surprises on your doors from time to time. Each time you go to open the door, there it is, a bump in the bumper or a scratch on the mirror. All of these are minor inconveniences that we often just live with once they happen for fear of what it will cost to fix. Let us help you fix those minor issues at a very reasonable cost. 

Window Tint and Clear Paint Protection Film-  

Every car looks and feels better with a good quality tint placed on the windows. It protects your interior, keeps the inside cooler in the summer and maintains privacy while you’re out and about. With so many different options available on the market it’s hard to know what to choose. Since tint can often fade or bubble it’s hard to know if you’re getting a quality product and installation. Dealing with a company that is trusted with many auto dealers and high end collectors is the best assurance you can get.

Clear protection is one of the most amazing products offered for paint chip protection. Your vehicle is protected against all of the high speed elements you face going down the road every day. Leather bras collect dirt and scratch the paint underneath them over time. Leaving any vehicle exposed leaves chips on your bumper, hood and mirrors. The solution is clear.  

Window Service-

Windshields are by far one of the most important safety features in your automobile. Without it, well do I really have to tell you? Chips and cracks you aquire along your journeys spread as the gasses and chemicals expand in your glass. Some chips can be filled to help slow the crack from spreading for a period of time and others require replacement right away. Be sure to give us a call with any of your glass needs for your vehicle.